Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beautiful Prague

Hi everyone!

My friend called me some time ago and asked me if I would like to go somewhere with her in week 6. I'm always ready for a trip so we booked flights to Prague, Czech Republic! The prize was a bit ovet 100€ so I think we got them really cheap.

As the day of our departure was closing up I realized that I had a flu coming up! :O The day before our flight I was basically sneezing my brains out and feeling sicker than in years... But my condition was better on next day (and that was a blessing!).

We booked the flights from Norwegian and I just got to love the ckeck-in system where you can do it by yourself. Its super easy and I hope they will become more and more popular also in other countries. We took only cabin baggages so it was really easy to just do the check-in and wait for the flight to leave.

The flight took about 2 hours to reach Prague and during the flight I had to buy 3€ water bottle because otherwise I would have cought my lungs out. 3€!! I mean it had to be somekind of special water to be so expensive, right?

What made this trip special was that we didn't book any hotel or hostel, but decided to try councsurfing. I must admit that I was a bit nervous! We received really good instructions how to reach our host apartment and it took us around 1 hour to get there. We had to use bus and metro to get there, but they were really easy to use.

I recommend for a weekend trip the 3 day "card" (its infact a piece of paper), because it's really cheap and convenient. It was a bit over 300 korona (about 11€) and you can use with that any public transportation. The usage of the card is really simple: you can buy it from the airport, you hop on a bus or any other public transport system and feed it to this machine that will stamp a date on it. Do this only once and so that the most emptiest part of the card is on top and inside the machine!

I'm used to cards that have to use everytime you go on a metro or bus, but in Prague you mark just once the date and then you just need to keep it with you. I used it many times and then we were stopped by a police man who was checking the tickets (so you need to have the ticket or else...), he wasn't really happy that I didn't know how to use it :D Anyway, he understood as I explained that I didn't know one time was enough.

Anyway, our host was really nice and the apartment was in perfect location. We had a good access to metro and it took us around 5 minutes to reach the city center. We arrived pretty late so the first evening we just arrived the apartment, ate a dinner and went to sleep. The next day was really beautiful and sunny and we headed to the city centre and the Old Town of it.

What a beautiful place it was! I'm letting the photos talk to you:

The next day wasn't so sunny, but we decided to go to the castle and the famous cathedral St. Vitus. 

On the last day we just went to do a little shopping and wandered around. During our trip we saw the most important attractions and shopping places and I have to say that extended weekend is quite enough to explore this city. 

All in all, Pragua was amazing city and definetely one of the beautiful cities I have ever seen. The architecture was really nice and the people seemed very similar to Finnish people so that was of course a plus ;) They like saudage and beer like us! The beer was extremely cheap compared to the prices here in north, so I recommend everyone to try that. I'm not a huge fan of beer but the dark beer I tried was awesome!

The food was really heavy but mostly delicious. And of couse cheap! If you want to eat and drink with good prize, try to avoid the restaurants near tourist attractions. The prise in those can be much higher than in those that are in small alleys.

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