Monday, November 24, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand

After 4 days in Hua Hin it was time to head back to Bangkok. Our plan was to take a bus, but eventually we just grabbed a big taxi and went with that. It didn't take as much time to go Bangkok as it took when we came to Hua Hin with taxi, so that was a big plus. Still, the way there is pretty boring and I slept some of the time. When we were near Bangkok I noticed that the sky was getting darker and darker and at some point it started to rain.

We stayed in a hotel named Bangkok City Hotel and our room was quite nice. It appears that there is many hotels with 'Bangkok' in their names, so taxi drivers can get a bit confused. Just a word of advice: take the hotel card from the reception, it helps you a lot.

So what did I see in Bangkok?

Baiyoke Tower II, the highest building in Thailand.

Bangkok seen from our hotel.

Chinatown flooding!

Delicious desserts in Sizzler

Standing Golden Buddha in Wat Intharawihan

One day we were shopping late with Elina and when we were heading back it started to pour rain. I think I've ever seen so much water coming from the sky. Or well, I think in Egypt, but that's another story. Anyway, we were rushing back to the hotel with one umbrella. The locals were just laughing to us when they saw us and I was just laughing madly to myself too. Until I hit my toe on something under water and well... my nail fell off:

Didn't hurt so much that I would've imagined, but wasn't nice either. Had to go to the hospital to badge it up and after the cleaning it looked like in the photo above. Not so bad, right? So now I don't have nail in one of my toe, but it's okay now. It was a bit sensitive for a week and I had to keep it dry, otherwise it didn't ruin my holiday. Luckily I had an insurance! The staff in the hospital was very nice and they treated me well. The hospital itself was also very nice, so if something happens to you during your trip in Bangkok you don't have to worry about their condition.

So what do I think about Bangkok? It was nice. There's lot's of shopping opportunities: day markets, night markets, shopping malls and everything, and everything is SO cheap. Food is okay if you're into spicy food and it's also VERY cheap. I liked the fact that there was so many Japanese products also in the supermarkets. As for the historical aspect, I would say Bangkok is so-so. There's really not many interesting historical sites, but you can find many nice temples. The technical infrastructure was something I will never forget. The city has grown without proper structure and traffic jams are daily phenomenon. I found it a bit irritating. However, there's many other ways to go around; for example the sky train, river boats and khlong boats in the kanal. Those are definetely worth of trying. Would I go again to Bangkok? Not anytime soon, unless I combine it with some other countries around Thailand.

Wah, there would be so much to tell what we did and all, but I won't even try to sqeeze them into a one post. I think I need to make some other post to tell more about some of our days. :D I also have to admit that I was a bit lazy taking pictures this time... Sorry for that. Please check out my friends post about our adventures from here.

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