Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pala-U, Thailand

Hua Hin was a really great place to be. There was lots of places to do shopping, sea and other interesting places where to go. One of my favorites was our day trip to Pala-U waterfall located near the Myanmar border in Kaeng Krachan National Park.

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We took a taxi to there and it took approximately 60 minutes to drive there. The views on out way were really nice; countryside framed by nice looking mountains. The entry fee for the national park was something around 200 baht (~5€) and it was paid before entering the park.

Pala-U is said to be most beautiful during the rainy season, so we were lucky to be there at this time of the year. The waterfall is divided into 16 steps and the highest step where we went was fourth. The first 3 steps are recommended to visit, but after those the way up is more dangerous. We had our time to even climb up to the fourth step so we decided not to go more. Besides, the spot in third step was great for swimming, so we rested there and I enjoyed my time in the cool water with big fishes.

The way up was really interesting with the almost 1000 years old forrest surrounding us. There was many different plants and trees with name plates and some of the trees were shaped weirdly. Our taxi driver came up with us and he helped to carry our bags. He was such a nice guy! We could see lot's of big butterflies and hear many other animals while climbing. Many guides recommended to have good shoes there and I have to say that it's a MUST. No slippers, sandals or ballerinas, but good shoes that support your leg and are not slippery. The rocks in the damp forest can be really slippery themselves so good shoes prevent any damage.

It's best to leave early to the waterfall, because it tends to be rainy during the day. Taxi driver told us that the waterfall was completely closed couple of weeks ago because of the heavy rain. It took us couple of hours to go around and when we left it started almost immediately to rain. Lucky!

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