Sunday, October 19, 2014

First day In Hua Hin

Sawatdii kha!

Here we are in Hua Hin, Thailand at the moment! Temperature reaches +30 soon and I'm up already at 7:30. I've always suffered from jetlag and this time there seems not to be any exception: I woke up first time at 3:00 AM, but I managed (somehow) to sleep some more. There was some thunder and raining last night as I recall waking when I heard the thunder. Otherwise my first night in Thailand went well.

Yesterday I arrived with Elina and her mother in Thailand after 7 AM in the morning and then we took a bus to Hua Hin. The bus left on time at 9:30; before that Elina grapped some food from a coupon food market. It's a place with many different restaurants and you need to buy coupons first and pay the food with them. The prices were... Well, very different compared to the prices in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport or the whole Finland. 1 euro is approximately 40 baht and Elinas portion cost only 45 baht. My small Fanta cost only 15 baht, so it was around 50 cents!! Amazing. I no longer wonder why Finnish people love to travel to Thailand!

Anyways, our bus was supposed to take 2-3 hours to reach the Hua Hin, but it took way more time yesterday. There were many traffic jams and sometimes the bus couldn't move at all. We weren't in hurry so it didn't matter, but the lady close to us kept asking when we are going to be there. It took 4,5 hours before we were in Hua Hin, and I slept most of that time. The bus was nice and there was a (powerful) air conditioning, and I was soooo tired after a long flight.

I think the most funniest thing I saw on our way to Hua Hin was when this pickup went past us and there was lady sleeping behind the car with pillow and everything. You should have seen my face when I saw that! :D

Our taxi from Hua Hin bus station to the hotel was open as well, kinda like tuc tuc, but with a real car. It was my first time going with something like that and I have to say it was really something different to be middle of the traffic like that.

After we left our belongings to the hotel we found a place to eat and went shopping to Big C (big supermarket). The food was good but the supermarket was a bit small. And there was a Mister Donut!! I had to buy some donuts to celebrite my good mathematics number I got from our first exam this year. ^_^

My portion of fried rice with prawns ♥

I'm really surprized how many Japanese products and names I've seen here already in one day. It's really nice as I love everything about Japan ♥ My first experience with Mister Donut was in Japan so I associate the donuts with Japan :D

In the evening me and Elina head out to see the beach one more time. We took some pictures and walked on the soft sand. I was getting already a really tired, but it was so relaxing to walk there and listen the sounds of waves. I really like sea where ever I go. The water was also really warm and I can't wait to go swim! On our short way to the beach is many nice shops and they sell really cute summer hats here! I have to get at least one or to of those today! ♥

Elina rannalla

Of course I've seen already the downsides of this country. On out way here we could see shacks and places where the poor people live. Here's also lot's of dogs wandering freely and I saw one that was road killed and one with only one leg. It's really horrible to see something like that, but the one legged dog was able to run and everything so I was happy for that. I have to admit that so far I'm surprised how clean it has been in here. Compared to Egypt and Turkey I feel that there is hardly any trash on the side of the roads.

Todays schedule is still open, but I think we do some shopping and I would really like to go swim. We will see what happens! See ya later!

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