Friday, October 10, 2014

Coming: Birthday Partying in Istanbul

I did it again.

I completely lost my mind and booked tickets to Istanbul with Elina. It seems I'll be busy writing this blog in the near future!

Actually, Elina is turning 20 and she wanted to have something special in her birthday, so she asked if I would like to go somewhere with her. One of our exchange students was supposed to come with us, but she decided to go to London, because she's not been there ever before. Can't really blame her, but we've been with Elina already in London more than once so Istanbul is a great opportunity to discover something new.

Before we bought the tickets we of course checked out what to see and do in Istanbul and we found out some great activities to do there! There's hor airballoon, mosques and big bazaar, great places to eat and drink and lots of history and culture. Can't ask for much more, huh?

So, our small trip starts on 6th of November and we're going to stay in Istanbul for 3 nights. We're flying with Turkish Airlines and we got direct flights with good price. Even better is the hotel where we are going to stay; we found a discount from Agoda and got a hotel suite for 3 nights with less than 200€!


My boyfriend's reaction was priceless when I reveiled our next destination to him. I think the fact that I'm staying in Finland for one week after the trip to Thailand and then leave again was the reason for that. Well, things happen and sometimes you have to just go when there's an opportunity. He might also be worried, 'cause he said that "you always go to war zones"... Well in Thailand there's been some issues but not anything big, and in Istanbul there's been a few terrorist attacks, but not in any location where I could see myself going. I think they're quite different from "war zones".

Well then, I guess I really have to start looking for my swimsuit; only 7 days left and then I'm off to Thailand. Next update might be already from Hua Hin.

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