Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Beginning

Hi travellers!

Welcome to my new blog! I've really wanted to make this blog, but never had the energy to start it. Now things have changed and I'm ready to share my travel experiences with you! I decided to write this blog in English even though my main blog Matsukaze is in Finnish. I think it's better that way, so people around the world are able to read my posts.

Those who have read my other blog may already know something about me, but I would still like to tell something about myself in this first post. I'm a copycat (sorry!) for this time and introduce myself with pictures like my friend did in her blog. It was really nice idea, go and check for yourself.

Let's begin!

And I'm going to be starting from next years August ♥

V ♥

Blogs and stories ♥

I'll never get bored with that! ♥

So now you know something about me!

My next destination is Thailand and I'm leaving there next week with my friend and her mother. We're going to be there for almost 2 weeks, 4 days in Hua Hin and the rest of the time in Bangkok. This is my first time in Thailand so I'm really excited! I don't usually like tourist destinations or beach holidays because I'm a huge fan of history and cultures, but since we are going to Thailand... I just wanted to see at least one beach! There are many interesting places near Hua Hin and I will tell about those later (★^O^★)

I'm still working with the layout of the blog, but I think it will not change so much anymore. It's really simple, but I like it. I love big cities, urban life and comics so I chose a background to reflect on that. I hope you guys like it too.

Remember to drop a comment now and then!

Johanna ♪

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